A Day with The Girls

Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-1 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-2 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-3 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-4 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-5 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-6 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-7 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-8 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-9 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-10 Beaugent Minna Rihiimaki Michelle Blaydon-11

Drawn to the Dark Side

Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-1

Hotter than the Sahara.Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-2

Its times like these you need spanking paddles on your feet. Born in the Chamonix Valley these preceded poor imitations such as ‘verts’ and enable easy bootpacking in chest deep powder. Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-3

Minna about to cut the snow on the rope.Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-4

Making the turns count in the hanging couloir above the cliff before we went over the marshmallow on the left to the hanging snowfield.
Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-5


Someone needs to put in a bolt anchor in these climate change years as the old one on the spur is out of reach with skis on now forcing a tough transition to boots to bounce test the dark age slings. There’s good rock on skiers right that doesn’t have water ice under the snow like old anchor on the rib, perfect for skiing into the anchor.  Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-7Titty deep, you can’t argue with that.Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-8 Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-9 Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-10 Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-11 Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-13

Cold snow lying undisturbed with handfuls of hoar frost, above and below the last layer.Minna Rihiimaki Aiguille Rouge-14After the technical turns in the couloir it was stunning to just let rip down the meadows to Buet.


Aiguille Rouge Touring

Key Hole TourKey Hole Tour-2Key Hole Tour-3Key Hole Tour-4Key Hole Tour-6Key Hole Tour-7


PowWe found some great snow today which was a real pleasure and unexpected after the high winds. Thanks to Michelle for capturing this shot. I’m looking forward to the next reset to open up the terrain in the Chamonix area and fill in some holes.


Baffin Island Film Teaser

In April 2014, Marcus Waring, Michelle Blaydon, Tom Grant and myself travelled to the North East Fiords of Baffin Island which are situated between mainland Canada and Greenland. There we spent 30 days unsupported in the fiords, travelling 240 km using kites and skins and skiing 26 couloirs along the way. Many of the lines were first know descents.

Here is a teaser for our forthcoming film: