Deeper and Deeper

A quiet mid week 40 cm storm day created a plethora of features to play on in the forest and the usual suspects magnetically gathered to get their portion. A really fun day with Michelle Blaydon, Liz Daley, Davide de Masi, Tom Grant and Jeremy Bogen.
pow pow-11

Michelle entering the white room in the forest.pow pow-6

Davide de Masi superstylin
pow pow-3

Jeremy Bogen going deeppow pow-2

And deeperpow pow-8

Davide De Masi 

pow pow-9pow pow-13

Jeremy Bogenpow pow-7

Liz Daley in the pillow zonepow pow-4

pow pow-10Tom Grant dropping

Riding Spines

Epic snow conditions today riding spines at Entreves with friends Liz Daley and Davide de Masi.Davide de Masi riding spines-helbronnerDavide de Masi riding spines-helbronner 2Davide de Masi riding spines-helbronner-6Liz Daley helbronner 4Liz Daley Helbronner -5